Root Beer

My favorite beverage of all, other than pure water, it is a drink that I cannot refuse, nor a drink that has a taste like no other: Root Beer. My life is steeped in the tradition of Root Beer. Although I believe I am the only person who enjoys it in my family, I remember always having this drink throughout my life, even when no one else wanted it–I was asking for it. Today, I buy 2L bottles from the corner store regularly. Since I don’t, or very rarely, have alcoholic drinks, Root Beer is as close as I get to drinking any type of Beer, at home, or in my social circles.

I have made Root Beer myself. Although the taste varies a lot between sessions, or brewing-kits, I seem to favour the store brands because of time, resources and costs. I just cannot seem to wait the required time for the various brewing kits to finish before I can drink it. Like anything you can make yourself, the accomplishment of just knowing that I can make my own batch of Root Beer is a bitter-sweet feeling.

5 Thoughts on “Root Beer

  1. Your fav root beer?
    Dad’s ranks 1st. A&W is good too.

  2. Yup! I have a bottle of it, right now sitting beside me. A & W is not bad, but I personally like Pure-Springs Root Beer, from across the line.

  3. I love rootbeer too. Right now I’m trying to remember the organic brand they sell at the safeway for about $1.99 . Anyways it’s sooooo good and has a hint of wintergreen mint added to it. It’s to die for.

    When I was a kid we would also make root beer and then put it in my Auntie’s root cellar (she had a “real” root cellar) to ferment.

    Do you like rootbeer floats?

  4. Hey Patricia, welcome.

    I’m sort of the purist when it comes to Root Beer now, but this has only been in the last few years. When I was young, and diets were but mere fads of the rich and famous, I would on occasion make the triple-chocolate-Root Beer float in my A & W mug. But yes, I have almost completely forgotten about the Root Beer Floats–thanks for your comment.

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