Social Standards: Time For A Change?

Is it time for a change in our social standards when it comes to relationships and pair-bonding. I’m often amazed when people say things that they believe that are in the best interest of their social standards, whatever the reason or source they are citing, they insist that these are done for a reason. I asked for who, or to what benefit some of these social stands benefit and prevent, but they seem to quickly cite passages from the Christian Bible, Obscured laws and Folk lore–never answering the question as to why. The main target are women, and how they live and co-exist in society today. Here are some:

The Male should be older than the Female when engaged in a relationship.

The Female should be smaller, i.e., shorter than the Male in a couple.

The Male should have a career, while the Female should prepare for motherhood.

These examples are just the tip of the iceberg of what was discussed from some of the people I have talked to. I really question these ideas because they seem to only benefit one side rather than both. I really believe that we need to expunge these ideas and learned to grow up. Some people I have talked to are so steadfast about these standards that they would actually “shun” those who they believe are in violation of their beliefs. Perhaps there ought to be a law–against them?

3 Thoughts on “Social Standards: Time For A Change?

  1. I don’t know about a law against them. But, that may be okay for some people…but people have to recognize just like they don’t want other people telling them what is right for them, nobody else likes it too.

  2. True, however, in Canada, we already have various types of laws that prevent people, and groups from actively practicing sertian forms of discrimination.

    The general social norms are what concern me–such as why it is wrong for a 40 year old woman to have child? I have talked to people (men) whom believe that it is very disgraceful, wrong–even for a society such as ours–that for a 40 year old woman, she is too old to bear a child, even though her body will allow her to.

    Who cares—it is her body. If she wishes to have a child at the age, than so be it. I see no business of society to interfere with that process. Yet certain groups would intervene and provoke her for doing so.

  3. People think it’s wrong for a 40 year old to have a child!! omy

    Some people think it’s wrong for people to have more than two children or even more than 4. (I really only think it’s questionable if you don’t seem to have a plan on how to raise them and feed them and clothe them etc etc)

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