I’m Happy Today: Could it be Spring Approaching?

With the weather warming up and longer days of sunlight approaching, I’m in good spirits. However, with good spirits and warmer days expected, this means all the winter and spring stuff is fast approaching with it, and I have to get off my butt and take care of them.

It looks like I have my annual Auto Insurance due very soon–as the snail-mail-box was teaming with ads from three insurance companies who want my business. This also means taking the vehicle down to the Air-Care Centre to see if it will pass the maximum emissions tests set by the government, and help support all those starving auto mechanics who depend on this legislation for their livelihood. Then the task of paying for a years worth of Auto Insurance once I get the go-ahead that my vehicle is worthy to be driven around for another year.

Good old Revenue Canada paid their respects too: the annual “OUT-going-tax” forms were also sitting there in my snail-mail-box. Such great news receiving that bundle of joy. When doing my tax reports, it always reminds me why I say “A politician is a lot like a leach–they both suck out the very life from within.” It seems they take and I see little in return. With the Right-wing governments at the provincial and federal levels where I live, I can see the day when Big Brother will swoop down and help me edit my weblog, while charging me more in taxes for their service to do it, just to make sure I “get it right.”

I got a letter from an old school buddy of mine. She was recruited to work down in US as a Criminologist last year, and was one of the main reasons why I kept at it for so long–my inspiration. Although she was able to do her classes full-time, she had to borrow, and she told me that her Student Loan was over $40,000.00 as of today. I started at the same time she did, but I only paid as I went, while working, and in contrast, I will only have paid one fifth of what she will pay once we are both finished. Its great to get through the course so fast, but the bill in the end, is it worth it?

Anyway, it was a very good day. I’m ready for [the] weekend. Remember: smile and be happy, the rest of the world might just catch it too!

2 Thoughts on “I’m Happy Today: Could it be Spring Approaching?

  1. yeah maybe i might get my camera
    oh well
    i’m smiling

  2. Yes, I was all the posts on you Blog–must be close to 50 now? I hope you take lots of photos with it. With that kind on investment, you should have it with 24/7. I know my first digital camera now has about 5500 photos taken from it. The first month along I took over 1500 shots with it! I like the new digital SLR, especially the D50–very good camera.

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