Smokers Beware

Should smokers who smoke in the privacy of their own homes, such as their in own apartment buildings, be told that they must “butt out” because of the cross contamination of smoke into the next apartment? I have being hearing a lot on the news about people who live in co-op housing and low-rent, subsidized rental units in Vancouver, who are complaining about the state of their health and quality of life inside their homes as cigarette smoke seeps in from their neighbours. I know from when I was living in a basement suite many years ago in Vancouver, how the smell from the smoke would drift down into my place from the people above me, and linger as if I smoked. I remember how annoyed I would get, especially when they had their friends over late at night, and me thinking that they should have more consideration. I can see that it would be a tough sell to create rules and laws that would enforce how someone should live inside the comfort of their home, but if you moved into an building that would make you sign a contract stating that you will not smoke anywhere on the premises, then this could be a tool that would deter and enforce people from smoking.

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