Monster Pot Holes: Hello Fix-it Road People?

And no, I’m not talking about monsters who smoke pot and dig holes because they are high; no, I’m talking about these “craters” that can bend tire rims and flatten tires, knock your hub-caps off or cause you to bounce all over the road after hitting one. I’m talking about the crater at Glover Road and the Langley By-Pass (HWY 10) in Langley City. Right in the middle of the intersection there is a pit about 4 metres in diameter, and it consists of broken pavement, a pool of water and depths of up to 10cm in some spots–but right in the middle of the intersection. It has being there now for about a month. It seemed as if at one time it had some repairs done to it, but it did not seem to fix the whole road surface, because now, the whole intersection is now damaged. I would like to see some of that tax money that was taken from my pay cheque put back into the infrastructure–is that possible, or is that too much to ask?

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