Humor Under Pressure: It’s a Good Thing

I have sort of a side job that involves preparing and serving court documents to customers who are delinquent in their payments. This is work that no one wants because of its low-end costs, high overhead and small return. These jobs are left to the amateur because, well, it is Small Claims Court, and it should be kept simple and low cost–thus as the name implies. But for those who are not in the know, or who are terrified by the Court system, an helping hand is sometimes a good thing–but is can get expensive. So I’m doing some clerical work for the next few days to help a friend out.

As I was filing my Statement of Claims at the Registry this morning when something funny happened, but, well it was sort of tragic, but in the end I would classify it under “funny.” You are familiar with the term, “throw the book at him, ” when cops and other law enforcement officials are enforcing the law, and they want to charge that person with an offense? That actually happened, although there was no charge, nor an offense being committed, but the book did fly! I was standing in the line-up in front of the wicket; I was next in cue when something hit me in my leg and bounced off, and landed in front of me. It was a book, a Steno-pad with a thick elastic band wrapped around it. Moments later, a large man, dressed in a brown uniform, a sheriff, trotted over to me, his implements flapping around is belt, and the look of embarrassment on his face. Everyone in the court gallery was quite, speechless, you could hear a pin drop. “Oh m—I am sorry about that sir!” The sheriff said.

I laughed and replied, “No problem, I guess that one sort of got away on you, eh?”

“I didn’t mean to throw it…” He said, “I shouldn’t talk with my hands.”

I replied back, “I now know what is feels like to have the book thrown at me.” Everyone laughed.

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