It’s Not Black and White

Imagine walking into a crowded room of strangers, and you are totally unsure of whose who and what’s what. You step in front of the first person you meet and you say “hello.” You are extremely awkward and uncomfortable with the strange environment and weird people around you, and you question as to why you are even here in that room? Then suddenly, in the conner of your eye, you see the most stunningly sexiest woman of your life, (a man will work if you are woman reading this). You’re all thumbs and can’t talk because your breath is taken away. You focus in on her and try to smile hoping to get her attention, but she walks right by you with out a wink. Your heart sinks and crumbles as she strides up to her friends at the opposite end of the room. You feel trapped because you don’t know anyone. You want to walk up to her, but you are unsure and shy, so you turn and leave the room never to see her again.

Doesn’t that story suck. I mean really, you see someone you like, or find attractive, you only have a few options these days in which to work with. If you approach her, or him, you run the risk of being labeled a creep or stocker. If the person is already in a relationship then you run the risk of having your heart broken, or her boy friend, or girl friend chasing you all over the place ready to use your face as a scratch-pad. You only have a one in a hundred chance of her being single and, or her finding you equally attractive. Either way, going to a strange place to find prospective mate is a waste of time resources at any cost. Friends–that is your best option in my humble opinion, to find true love by means of networking through your friends is the best way to go.

Oh, the photo–has nothing to do with the above post? I just threw that up here because I thought it looks neat. It was one of those little doodles I was working on today with my writing tablet.

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