The Fun, The GPA, The Paperwork: As Time Zips By

Zippppppppppppppppp! That’s the sound that time makes as it passes me by when I’m standing knee deep in paperwork, meetings and projects. The last few days have being tremendously busy and flooded with problems, and a couple of accomplishments stuffed in there too. The amount of paperwork I have generated with two of my clients has gone beyond any expectation I could of ever imagined, and I’m only two months away from the trial date. The paperwork from my volunteering side of my life has taken a huge hit too, as Corrections Canada now requires security checks for none-Corrections Employees every two months: six times more than last year. My work in Corrections is getting more in depth as the halfway houses and release programs are working with less money, and more cutbacks. This is the paradox: increase policing–decrease corrections? My work, plus volunteer work, has taken me well into the weekend where I sat in two board meetings, one in Vancouver, and the other in Abbotsford, listening to under-educated CEOs talk about their visions of the future of Canada and where our Justice systems is going. Personally, I think we need more action-less talk…. My current project, the paper on low income equals high crime, has hit a snag with some of the source material I’m using; it appears that the one much needed book I’ve had on hold now from the public library has now being declared “Stolen,” thus setting my thesis into disarray. Locating another copy is going to be hard as my next step is to ask the University of Toronto if they can send me a copy through the “Inter Library Loans Program”–fingers crossed.

Oh–it’s official! I received my academic transcripts and diploma in the mail today–I am no longer a undergraduate, even though I passed all my two year courses nine months ago: it’s nice to be recognized. Another surprise–I made it above the 3.22 GPA mark! My actual GPA is 3.23. Close eh? This pupy is getting framed on Friday. I’m taking some photos of it too!

2 Thoughts on “The Fun, The GPA, The Paperwork: As Time Zips By

  1. So, officially graduated? Cool and congrats 🙂

  2. Hey Lily!

    Thank you!

    Well, this is only the halfway point. I still need my 4 year degree before I can do what I want to do–one more year to go.

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