My Current Lifestyle–Lost Track of it

Busy! If there is a word that can describe my current life, summing up all activities, duties and responsibilities, busy would only partially describe that. I have lost tract of time and space in my humble little life. I woke up this morning realizing that I could not tell what day of the week it is, nor what day of February we are in. That is scary! My mind went blank, and I had to go to my computer and see the day-time clock just to confirm what I needed to know. Then I had to check my day-planner to see if I had anything in there that needed to be taken care of for today. As luck would have it, I have an appointment with a client located out in Aldergrove, BC. I’m lying about the part of being lucky: this trip is way off and out of the way for my list of happy things to do on a Sunday afternoon. If you are wondering why all of a sudden the regular posts and entries on my weblog have stopped, it is because of this–not enough time to sit down and type. Soon I hope to have this busy rat race under control and settle back into my nice laid-back way of life. I’m hoping that by mid March I should be back on track again. Feel free to say hi with a comment or two.

5 Thoughts on “My Current Lifestyle–Lost Track of it

  1. Yay! Someone said HI!

    Hey Lily, you’re back from trip? How was it? Buy lots of new shoes and stuff from there? I’ll type to you in a little while on your Blog… Take care.

  2. saying hi is easy!
    i bought two pairs of shoes!
    i got lucky!

  3. hi tom,
    i sure hope u get this, i don’t no if we jiggled something or what but alot of my messages r garbled. i receive them fine. i’ve been enjoying ur blog but of course whenever i’m really into it everything freezez. we r buying one next paycheque but would love a little advice.
    i see lifein the ft. goes on, remember, their are allways 2 sides to every story. i am not surprised at ur decision about school, u like it better than workhope u get back to me, love to hear the gossip. enjoy the sun denise

  4. Hi Denise, I would go to ADDAX out in Richmond to buy a complete system, everything but the monitor for about $300.00 to $350.00. Just look at there “daily specials.”

    Gossip— holy-cow. There is never a dull moment around here. 😉

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