I’m Back and Black.

Oh my does time fly when you are having fun. For all of you who have emailed, commented and phoned, I am back, not that I really left anywhere, I back in the sense that I have time to myself. The extra work, including homework, plus the volunteering over at Corrections in Mission, BC, (North of Abbotsford) has caused me to put off on my regular blogging duties. In class, my language requirement has really put me behind time wise because I really suck in French, so the extra time spent there has really drained my daily routine. I am actually wondering if I will ever conquer the language after I complete the course?

I thank you, Patrica, Tanya and Roger for leaving comments while I was gone. Patrica: I am currently doing my degree out of Kwantlen in Surrey, mostly because of cost and commuting from where I live. I do spend time up at SFU doing my research for my papers and attend special lectures–so I only know a few of the faculty staff members up there. Most of my profs do teach both at SFU and Kwantlen so I may meet your friend sometime in the future. Tanya and Roger: I am alive and well, albeit tired. My 26 hour days are catching up to me. I think at the end of the semester I might take a road trip by myself and enjoy peace and quiet–if I can find it. However, I should be back to regular blog entries now that my mid-terms are done–and I am armed with a ton of new ideas, topics and criticisms–stay tuned.

Celebration on the BLOG: This is post number #500!!!! My, does time fly by when you are having fun. I’ve typed 500 of these things–wow! [Up-date: March 30, 2007]

2 Thoughts on “I’m Back and Black.

  1. Hey Tom! Glad you are doing well… I’ve been extraordinarily busy myself… all-nighters, and social stuff, and dating. Crazy! But, mostly fun, too!

    have an incredible weekend!

  2. Thanks Tanya, I will. April is going to be an interesting month for me: wait and see kinda of thing…. Hopefully I can throw some fun in there too!


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