Everything is Cool: plus Snow?

It was a tents weekend here on the website, as some of you saw when you came here during that time, the site was shut down showing only spam and the domain name registration renewal web page. No, it was not a case of a bill payment not being made, or some abusive activity or other illegal stuff; it was an over-site by the company that I deal with and their billing system. Unfortunately, they shut it down on Friday night, and it went the whole weekend before someone could come in today, Monday, to fix the problem and reset everything back to where it was before. It was their mistake, as their billing account was all screwed up showing activity I did over 3 years ago, and was still active and charging me right up until Friday: hitting a grand total of over $350.00. It is kind of funny when you think about it because the bill was quite large, you would think someone have seen it…. Now everything is back to where it should be, I’m good for another year.

SNOW!!!!!! OH come on Mother Nature, give us a break! It is April 2 for crying out loud, it should be spring weather, not snow.

2 Thoughts on “Everything is Cool: plus Snow?

  1. Crazy, huh? Who’d have thought it would snow again in Vancouver anywhere near April?!?!?

    If it’s any consolation, it snowed a bit here too in Ft. McMurray and it’s going to get down to -15 tonight. Brrrr.

  2. …and now, three days later, my thermometer says 21C? Go figure eh?

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