Tom’s Complaint Commission

What a nice weekend. I got a lot done: shopping, cleaning, whining, sleeping, phoning, driving, etc… However, I’m going to whine about the sad state of motorists here in Vancouver and the Lower Mainland/ Fraser Valley rather than how nice the weather was, or all the nifty neat computer parts I got for my new desktop machine. Nope! I’m typing because I got rear-ended driving through Surrey on Saturday.

It was sad accident. I had stopped at an intersection when several of the drivers ahead of me ran a Red Light, and the three vehicles in front had to stop rather quickly–they were “tail-gating.” I saw the signs and backed off about one car length so I had plenty of stopping distance, however, while I did that, the motorist beside me in the next lane was attempting to merge ahead of me. Remember that we were all coming to a dead stop…. Anyway the merging driver aborted his maneuver, yet he now sits straddled over the dividing line. So everything was good, I stopped with plenty of room, the car behind me, who was tailgating me, managed to come to a controlled stop. But she got hit from behind just as she stopped. I looked in my rear view mirror just as she got hit; she was shocked as I heard the sound of screeching tires then the crash. But it didn’t stop there.

The driver behind me seemed unbelievably shocked after the first impact. It was the second collision that put the icing on the cake. She must of taken her foot off of the brake peddle, or the force of the second vehicle impacting the car behind her who might of being traveling at such a velocity that is caused her to jolted forward just hitting me enough to push me forward a couple of cm. Now we have four vehicles in a row sitting there as people who were driving past in the on-coming lane where laughing as they drove by.

My vehicle was good, albeit an older model, the damage was slight. The three vehicles behind me were damaged bad: all requiring a tow truck to remove them. I can honestly say the people drive stupid here. It is not that so many people live here, and that the roads can’t handle the amount of cars on them? It is the way people drive on the roads that needs to be questioned. I really don’t know what would work here in-so-far-as getting people to drive more cautiously, but we have degraded rapidly as a society with our “me first” mentality while driving. Slow down people–slow down.

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