Time’s Up: Tax Time

I should have being an accountant. As most Canadians know, probably ever since Income Tax deducting started back in the mid 1940s, the War Measures Act, that April 30th is the last day that you must file. My friends very widely in their compliance to this rule. For example, I have one friend who has not filed in over ten years, and although he has paid in deductions the monster task of doing his taxes are beyond his comprehension—yet he refuses to even pay someone to do them. At the other end of the spectrum, there is my college friend who is an accountant, and he ended up with so many infraction from the “Tax Police” squeezing so many exemptions that he just got an Appearance Notice by Revenue Canada to pay a fine or go to Tax Court. But then there is me, and I like to believe that I sit in the middle of the two extremes.

Doing my own Tax Returns does several things for me such as keeping me in touch with the state of the country, to noticing the ever encroachment of money going to the “Man,” it gives me a greater understanding of the world around me. I do my own tax returns based on the principle that it is bad enough that I am paying into a system that I feel is so poorly run and operated, that I will not go any further than to pay someone privately to earn a living on the perils of a tax payer also. So, I do my own tax returns. I can see the patterns from doing my own tax returns over the years that both the Federal and Provincial governments have strategically increased the threshold and shrunk the return and benefit factors steadily, and that no matter what your income levels are, the ratio of deductions seems to be constant–contrary to what some economist say. But I did file back in February, and have long since received my Assessment, so today is quite arbitrary for me. *smerk*

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