May 1st: YES

Just thought I would type something here for the first day of May. Spring is in full mode now as the colour green is everywhere and those damn noisy Robbins chirp their heads off. I was heading back home from Abbotsford, 15km East from where I live, and saw the huge unprecedented jump in gasoline prices as I drove across the Langley Township border: $1.23l! The driving season has started as people need more gosoline for their cars. Then there is the movie (set) that they are shooting here in Fort Langley call something, like, “A Christmas Village????” staring Peter O’tool. It just figures that they would shoot a winter movie here in May! They are shooting just 2 blocks from my place, so the traffic has being a little hard to gage. But, everything is green now, and the weather is getting warmer, so I’m generally happy; even the noisy Robbin stops chirping at 8:00am now, meaning that he has found his long lost love from last year. Maybe the Robin family will find a condo across the river in Maple Ridge and chirp to their hearts content 24/7 from there?

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