Vi$ta v. Ubuntu: 3D Desktop

Personally I love my 3D Desktop, and find that even when I am in work mode I need the 3D features, even though a 2D Desktop would work just as well. I guess when you have the computing power and super fast 3D graphic acceleration, why not use it–I paid for it–right? I was asked by a neighbour what my favorite 3D Desktop is, and my answer hands down is the Berly Desktop compared to Vi$ta. Why? It all has to do with “Eye Candy.” I found that when I used the Vi$ta Operating System, it just didn’t measured up to the LINUX Ubuntu, especial when Vi$ta locks up my screen after prolonged use. I guess for most of you, it is unfair for you to run a dual boot system, so I found this on YouTube. Enjoy, it has music as you are run through each Desktop’s features.

YouTube Link


2 Thoughts on “Vi$ta v. Ubuntu: 3D Desktop

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