Canada in Space: 2056

I like a good laugh every once in a while, and laughing at one’s self is sometimes the best remedy for a day that is painfully crawling along with no end in sight. Fridays have not only become “that day of hope” because the weekend will start the next day, but it is also because the radio comedy show Canadia 2056 plays on CBC Radio. This week was episode #3, when the only American is posted to serve on the space ship, and the ship encounters its first major call of duty. The plot is funny!

Listening to the program, I was in tears, as the crew prepared for the task of the “clean up” of a nuclear accident, and how the poor American serving aboard has to show his passport every time he leaves or enters a room in the spaceship. It wasn’t until one crew member, who was in charge of repairing the equipment, used duck-tape to fix the space suits; I laughed myself right off the chair. It was very cleverly written, and it painted a “funny” rosy coloured light of current events in Canada today. I wish it could air in the evenings when I’m at home….

Just doing a little audio test: just ignore it. 😉

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2 Thoughts on “Canada in Space: 2056

  1. that sounds fun

  2. Damn, I wish they would for-go all that Patent and Copy-write crap, and just post the radio show in the net. It is worth the time.

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