A Face to the Voice in the Mist

It hearkens me back to a conversation I once had with a former employer who had told me, during a corporate wide cutback rampage, that “change is good, get use to it!” Change for people is awkward, and for the average Jane and Joe change may save money in the short term, but it costs more down the road. But who cares, we live in the moment, and we forget that instant success is not all about long term profit or keeping the masses, it’s about instant gratification. So change is a difficult pill to swallow.

For the last year, “I” being an avid CBC Radio listener that I am, fell in love with the voice of Promo Girl. When she fist appeared on the radio, I was hooked. I asked myself, “who is this woman?” She is funny, witty, sexy and captivating: all in a voice. Am I sick in the head, alive man living in 2007, to be lured by a voice, sound waves from a wireless set of thirty to forty-five words a day, played over and over? Her voice is incredible, so captivating. Then it was no more, into silence, with the last recordings played out, she drifted into the mist.

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