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Now that I have my “audio” player working here on the Blog, I thought I would put it to good use by playing this little comedy routine I did a long time ago. This is a skit that me and a friend created while we were staying up in in little town called Dease Lake, BC. This was way back in 1994 when I was on a travel bug during the mid winter to late summer. The day that we pulled into the Dease Lake, I think it was the last week in February, the thermometer dropped down to -47C and we thought we had everything planned: Oh how wrong we were. It was the coldest day of our trip. There are eight of us, and we drove four vehicles from Terrace to Yellow Knife, then South again over to Edmonton, then down to Calgary, finishing up in Vancouver. We made this tape with two very old cassette players, and mastered it on a Walkman Player that could do rudimentary recordings. The wind was the sound of the CB antenna by holding the mic from the vent window. The voice, me, was done by holding your finger on the tape while you record the monologue, then playing it back at normal speed. We did the recording right in Dease Lake on the night we stayed in our camper. I will never forget how cold it was.

But anyway, we played this tape on the CB (Citizen Band Two-way) Radio, and for hours afterwords, truckers were killing themselves laughing at it. I think it was a hit on the airwaves for that whole week. I remember talking to a truck driver along the Alaska Highway telling us about it at a fueling station. He describe it as some “Southern Chick” who drove a convertible car without realizing that it does get cold up in the North.

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I re-mixed it from the tape down to a mp3 file. Enjoy. I hope you can make out most of the words–it’s rough.

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