High Times in the Valley

There is a lot of fuss about gas and water in my little corner of the world. It is currently 21C outside (observed by my kitchen window thermometer), that is roughly 70-ish Fahrenheit for those who have no idea what the “C” stands for, and there is a flurry of activity among the neighbours around me because of it. What will the next eight weeks bring us for weather, and gasoline, as we peer into our crystal ball?

This morning, as I was driving around getting the week raped-up I saw the gas-station at 232nd Street and Highway 1 proudly displaying its cost of a Litre of gas: $1 & 27.7, or $1.28 per Letre! The thought of almost buying an SUV last year crept up from the back of my mind and sent a shiver up my spine as I seen a loan occupant in a very large, dual-wheeled pick-up, fully loaded, fueling up. As I pulled up to get my windshield cleaned from all the bugs spattered on it, I read his cost from the fuel pump; he had racked up a total fuel bill of $249.00, filling it right up–both tanks. Good on you buddy–hope gas prices climb higher, like $2.00 a Litre.

Talk of the pending flooding of the Fraser River is now front page news. My little town of Fort Langley should do well as we are on high enough ground; however, in the event of “the 200 year Flood,” we would become an island. The local news paper said that we would be fine, but our electricity, water and gas would be unreliable (Langley Times). The conditions for a once-in-a-200-year flood are ripe. Record snow packs up in the mountains farther inland are the key concern. Still very cool weather throughout the interior of British Columbia, and nice hot sunny weather predicted for the next few weeks, all of these factors are the ingredients for very bad flooding this season. So, the question of whether I should stay, or enjoy a possible extra long vacation, must be concentrated? I always wanted to spend a vacation on an island somewhere, I just didn’t think it would be possible to stay at home to see it!

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