Clear as Mud

These are some photos I took of the Fraser River, at Fort Langley, around 2:00pm local time. Since I seen it last week, the river has definitely shown signs of the spring run off now, especially the colour of the water: muddy brown. With the nice warm weather, and being the weekend, there were lots of people out and about in town, most were not too concerned with the water level at the river. However, I could see lots of evidence of recent construction done alone the riverbanks to control the possible flood.

I walked down to the river today to see how high the water was getting, and to my surprise, it has risen about 60cm since I last did my observation. Remember that Fort Langley is still within the tidal-zone, so it could of being high tide also? Anyway, the river was typical muddy, which is normal this time of year, so it is a wait and see whether that big flood will happen this year.

About these photos… The six photos above are all taken from the McMillian Island side of the Bedford Canal, looking South. The bridge that you see is part of Glover Road, the same road that connect you to the Albion Ferry to get to Maple Ridge, crossing the Main part of the Fraser River. The part of the river that see in these photos is only one third of the total volume of the Fraser River. The photo below is the map at the corner of Glover road and Mavis street, that shows the layout of where Fort Langley is. This map should give you an idea of how everything is laid out. By the way, I live about one block away from this spot!

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