Move or Stay

The flood and evacuation notices have being sent to everyone in Fort Langley, including the extra one taped to my door, and my thoughts now turn to what I’m going to do in the event that the river floods beyond 1948 flood levels. I do live high enough above the (estimated) water level that was reached back in 1948, so I know that my home will be untouched; however, what to do when this place becomes an island is another matter all unto itself. So far I have not heard anything that states the forceful removal of any residence on high ground, so I am a little confused as to what will actually happen if I decide to stay in home during the flood when an evacuation is given? One of the Old Timers who lived through the 1948 flood told me that the railway tracks where not completely submerged under the water, and that people kept on with their daily activities and used boats to get back and forth to the “main land.” This has got me thinking about borrowing a power boat for this experience if I stay?

I have started stocking up on food, water and survival gear. I think water and food are going to be the big needs to this event. I do not know what I will do when the power goes out for more than a week, the generator only has enough fuel for 126 hours of continuous operation. Getting to work may prove to be a challenge, so arrangements may be needed to find a solution to that problem. I am more worried about people looting and vandalizing my personal property than anything else, so keeping an very close eye on my home is a top priority. Oh, and I found out that in most circumstances, my home insurance is totally useless! I’m fine if my home burns down to the ground because of fire, but not if it floats away in a flood and sinks? Go figure eh….

2 Thoughts on “Move or Stay

  1. Hope it doesn’t get to that extreme, Tom! But, I believe your insurance would put you up if your place was unlivable (ie: you couldn’t get in or out) during the flood period.

    Best of luck!

  2. Everyday it changes as new flood forecasts are done. Right now, everyone seems optimistic about how bad it will be and taking the whole thing in strides.

    As far as my insurer goes, they seem to like me to wait and see what happens before they give absolute answers. I would get the coverage you are talking about, only if my home was actually damaged by the flood; another words, the water came right up to my doorstep. The Old timers say don’t worry about it….

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