Three Day Weekend: YES!

Well, I shouldn’t complain about the last week because it went by fast and I explored new employment opportunities, plus made some money too! We here in British Columbia are now in “long-weekend-mode” as we celebrate May Day [Victoria Day] on Monday, and here in Fort Langley we are having our annual parade were the whole town shuts down for four or five hours and parade-floats with corporate advertising, local organizations and the odd special interest groups stream down Glover Road. This year will be the event to get the local problems of flood off everyone’s mind as we celebrate the first long weekend of the spring-summer seasons. Rain or shine, I will head out and wait, snapping as many photos as I can to capture the celebrations, and posting the best ones here. So many events will be taking place this weekend that I may just focus on the closest to home ones, although I would like to go to the CloverDale Rodeo. Well, we will see, as everything depends on the weather.

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