Comedy: Installing Vi$ta

Here is some comedy about how to install the latest Micro-$oft product called Vi$ta. It killed me as I watched it. The character in this video is good, and he reminds me of a guy I once knew who did stupid things like this. I saw this clip about two weeks ago, and since then he has received 1.5 million hits. It’s worth a look, and you might get a good laugh! Enjoy How to Install Vi$ta.[youtube][/youtube]

Have a great long weekend if you get one, and have lots of fun as we head into summer. I’m going to be doing some BBQ-ing later for dinner, then relaxing for the rest of the day. Might even curl up to a good book tonight and spend the rest of the weekend reading.

3 Thoughts on “Comedy: Installing Vi$ta

  1. one of my students has a new laptop with 512MB RAM. Guess what OS came installed on it…


  2. I guess his tech. support is going to be busy. heh heh heh

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