An Ode to the Middle Man

Warning: Deep, Deep Thoughts Here. For those who are sensitive to Western critical thinking and arguments on modernity should keep on surfing else where because you may not like what I have to say in my thinking in this post. These ideas reflect my thoughts and are tied to no one else whatsoever.

Who knew that the oligarchy would miss me so much when I defected from their circle of faithful sheep; that a locus of control would ensue so much attention, that now brochures fill my post office box, and messages beep away on my answering machine–coohing me back to the herd. That I, Thomasso, would throw mud into the face of Keynein Economics. That I, would break free of a man of debt, to a man of prosperity, and me once the follower, am now the followed! Chase me and my money if your dare because I will “not” let you have it!

It has now being five years since my defection from a man of debt, a debtor, a slave to the financial institutions, to a self sufficient man of capital with integrity and gain. Branded an outcast, weird-O and parasite, I stand mocking my brethren as they struggle with their debt, mortgages and credit, and I free to travel, buy and purchase. Oh those suckers who bought into the dream–shame on you–you know who I am talking to! I raise my glass of whine to toast, as they drink their whisky to forget because we are a world apart in our thinking.

My philosophy encompasses an old idea that it is wrong for a man to leach off the avails of a working man’s labour. That a man should earn his wage, and be paid in full for his days labour without the fortitude of anyone else who taxes his sweat for their personal gain. That being said, I give the government its right to tax my labour for the public good, but condemn the private corporation that takes my wage without service. When a payment on demand cannot be made without a sundry tax placed upon it, then legal tender is all that is left besides hard based gold for payment. But yet as that may be, I choose to be the “unbanked,” to use their words, and wait for the business cycle to cascade onward. Only if Johnn Maynard Keynes could see this land today, would he fake his merits so that he could sit on top while others pay his way….

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