To Save a Buck: How far?

I like people who shake the system up a little and bend the rules to stay a head of the game. I admire the tenacity that is exerted by people when they use their creative juices to conjure up new ideas, or incorporate old ones for new concepts, just to stretch their financial means even farther. I have seen devious ideas, and smart ones too, but in most cases it involves thinking out side the box. The example I am going to use today is a person, a young man, who I know little about, who decided to use good old science to fix the problem of sky rocketing fuel prices. Like all great ideas, the person who creates the greatest advantage is usually the one that has an illegal quality to it. So, I can only smile as I see this plot play out.

For most of us we learn about fermentation in school usually around grade nine science class. We know that pure alcohol is quite flammable, and is often sought after to drink on Friday nights. But, when mixed with regular gasoline, you can stretch a tank of gas quite far with it. And this is when I laughed my head off, when I saw what looked like beer making kits quietly brewing away in a back porch, and It took only a nano-second to figure out what was going on. In BC owning a stil is not illegal; however, using the stil for drinking purposes is illegal. But, what if you are using it to produce fuel-grade alcohol? Then there in the heat of the afternoon I heard the sound of a engine running on alcohol, just like the sound I heard when I was a kid. Buddy, don’t get caught…. *wink* You know who I am talking too.

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