A Nice Day

It has being a nice day so far, although overcast and cool, I managed to get a lot done with my time. The Fraser River has not started to flood yet. A train block the main road into Fort Langley for a while making walking around town more pleasant–sad really when you think about it–needing one inconvenience to enjoy another convenience…. Tomorrow I will head over to the airport and try my hand at doing some hang-gliding. I am looking forward to that; hoping that the weather cooperates when I go up. So today is just about to end as the sun sets, I am feeling restless, I think I may go out and socialize–see what trouble lurks in the night-life?

I just sold some items in Craig’s List, and the sales went well. I made some serious money selling off my old P.A. gear and some electric guitars. I have ultimately called it quits in my music/entrainment career, so getting rid of the “toys” is necessary to make room for my new, more advantageous activities, such as University textbooks and computer equipment. First I am going to redo the room, possibly for tomorrow, and then get it ready to move my office into it, hopefully finished by Monday. Then I will be more organized and hopefully more efficient.

Right now I am watching the sunset. I am sitting down right now, typing away while the sun slowly sinks below the horizon–this is the life–it looks like a postcard. I am actually thinking about throwing the web-cam up so I can share this experience in the future? I am happy that I have the time to enjoy this evening; the rat-race can wait until next week. Naugh…. I think I will retire from the rat-race altogether.

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