Does A Red Light Mean….

Walking across the road today, at a controlled intersection, I was almost hit by a driver in a small red car. There was a steady stream of cars that were coming from off the ferry, so the vehicles that were waiting at the stop sign had to wait for a long time before they could make their right hand turn. I pushed the cross walk button and waited for the lights to change. The walk signal turned on and it was my turn to cross as the red lights stopped the traffic. I was at the halfway point of the first lane when the red car sped into the intersection to make her right [left] turn—heading right for me. I ran to the centre line, then pointed to her to indicate that the pedestrian light was on as she passed me. I looked right at her, and she look at me with no emotions, and she kept on going without stopping. I crossed to the other side of the street quite upset at what just happened.

I turn and looked at her as she sped off down the road, then looked over at the people who are sitting at the corner coffee shop along the sidewalk—whey all saw what had happened, yet no one said anything. The other people who were also walking across the street along side me seemed to have not a care in the world—as if that this event was a normal everyday occurrence. I thought to myself: “This place needs to change…. Big-time!”

I now believe that we all, as a country, need to learn to be practicing safe drivers instead of the hap-hazard people that we are on our roads. I really see now the need of mandatory driving tests once every five years so that we can all brush up on the rules of the road. It’s not just the little old lady driving the red car, but all of us who need to learn the rules of the road and respect them. These stupid mishaps, and high rate of accidents, can mostly be avoided if people maintain the rules and laws of our roads. I thought I would never hear myself say this, but we need help, and we need it fast: PEOPLE OF BC CAN NOT DRIVE!!!!! PERIOD!!!!

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