Following Instructions

Everyone in their lifetime needs a little help getting through life, whether it is in the form of learning in a classroom or roughing it in the school of hard-knocks, following instructions is all part of life’s little speed-bumps along the way. The real trick is how good you follow when instructions are given out and realizing the importance when you need to follow those instructions because your life, job or goal depends upon it. Not everyone has the same degree of tolerance when it come to following instructions. For most of my life, following instructions is an everyday occurrence, and my career depends on following rules and instructions to the letter. Not that I have become specialized and more knowledgeable in my old age, but I find myself having to give out more instruction than receiving them: all part of being experienced. So, a new paradigm form me is in the fine art of giving instructions to individuals, and hope that each will retain the information, and to follow it though as I move on with my job at hand.

Once in a while you get the rouge student who just does not want to be bothered by receiving instructions, usually for the purposes of being lazy or rebellious. All Last week, a student that I had, where I am teaching a job position, refused to follow instructions. I was extremely compassionate and spent far more time than I should have with the student, but no headway could be made. The student was preoccupied with other more personal problems and her work reflected that when the exam was written: she just could not be bothered with accepting the class material. I tried to spend as much time as I could without sacrificing time from the rest of the group, but for me, to see a student fail, it does have an impact on my conscience. Regrettably, I gave the mark of fail to the student, and hope that she will take this as a lesson in cause and effect rather than a personal attack. A fundamental merit in the workplace is following instructions.

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