What a Nice Day: Down at the Beach

The start of summer is always the best time of year, well for me anyways, as the days reach their maximum length, and the nights are warm and pleasant, how could anyone not like these hot lazy days? Today I spent some well earned time down at the beach where I got to bury my feet into the sand, then waded in the water and plashed around a bit. I laid out my towel and soaked up some summer sun for a half-hour, then went home. Once home, I took out the lawn chair and placed it under the awning and sipped on lemonade while I read the weekend news paper. As the sun started to set, I thought to my self, “self, this was one great day.”

But like all good things, it must come to an end, and too much of a good thing can be bad. I had noticed that I was developing a slight headache. Later when I move my stuff back inside, I realized that I was slightly burnt on my shoulders and neck. I did the worse thing that anyone could do when out in the hot sunny weather all day: that was turning on the air conditioner. Within minutes I started to get all dry and then tired. I could feel my sinuses starting to get sore, and my headache was getting worse, but the cool air felt so nice. Feeling the effects of such a temperature change I slowly moved the thermostat back up to a warmer temperature setting so I would ease into the a nice cool setting rather than a sudden drastic change. Lucky too, I’m now starting to recover from the headache now. Every year I go through the same thing–I never seem to learn.

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