Upgrading Taking Place: WP-2.2

If you got here today and saw everything out of place, don’t worry: I did pay my bills for the web-site. I just finished a huge up-grade, mostly on my WebLog software WordPress, but also added some additional programs that will help in combating Comment SPAM and better security overall. I still have some minor bugs to clear up, but in general, the web pages should not be broken and everything should look as is did before. I did add some little plug ins, widgets and changed the CSS a bit to keep the colour scheme more balanced and nice looking.

I have noticed that the pages load a lot faster than before. Also, the administration page works better too. The text in all of the admin pages is bigger and the “lag” that appeared with version 2.1 is gone from when I type–that caused a lot type-Os for me.  RSS2 feeds seem to work the same, but I haven’t really checked that part yet.

So if you noticed something still out of place, or broken, please let me know. I should have everything done that I can see by 3:00pm local time today. I have being postponing this up-grade for a couple of weeks now, so better late than never.


4 Thoughts on “Upgrading Taking Place: WP-2.2

  1. URG

    I need to upgrade


    By the end of this week hopefully

  2. It is worth it—WP-2.2 has fixed a lot bugs that I was suffering from. Phew, I thought I had forgotten some files during the upload and screwed some permanent files. I need to write things down when I do an upgrade…. 😡

  3. now you’re worrying me!

  4. The Word-Press instructions are top-notch. You need not worry. 🙂 Just have a pen and paper handy if you have a million plug-ins and the language pack stalled. The WP includes file needed special attention in my case.

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