The Flood has being Postponed

We’re sorry, the flood that was scheduled for this week has being temporarily postponed until further notice. The Flood will not occur as expected for this weekend, and will be moved back on the calendar to make way for other events planned…. What! For the love of… What the… You got to be kidding? Here I am, expecting the Fraser River to move up to my doorstep, waiting to take a couple of weeks off from work, and for what–to be let down once again. That is just great.

OK, so maybe not having the terror of flooding waters destroying homes and roads is a good thing, but rather something to rejoice about and blow a sigh of relief, but when you brace for it, prepare for it, and it does not happen, your nerves unravel. Mine unraveled. Now I sort of look at it as some sick satire on the This Hour Has 22 Minutes show: They have canceled the impending doom of destruction, please go home now you are not needed anymore, run along now, doom and destruction have being moved back to July 12–stay tuned for more information. I always thought that if the river upstream flooded, that would translate into a flood all the way down stream until the river dumps into the ocean? What happened? Is the process of evaporation that efficient that the river will loose most of its water before it gets here? Something is up–I smell something fishy around here.

Sadly, the town that I grew up in is not faring so well with flooding. The town of Terrace, BC is totally cut off and some people are being evacuated while the Skeena River serges upwards. It is common for that river to flood, like all other rivers, it has a seasonal cycle, but when it floods, it holds nothing back. Terrace does not have the diking/levy systems and dredging like we have down here in the Fraser Valley; it is built on the natural flood planes just as is was before man move in. Terrace even got its name from the “terraces” that formed from the Skeena’s different courses over the last millennium, scaring out the many planes along its shores along the valley. My heart goes out to those people. May the River not take anyone in its rage to the sea.

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