Humm: What’s Next?

So, what does Mother Nature have next for us? The flood waters seem to be leveling off, which I can see clearly from my living room window, but the graph representing the Mission Gauge seems to suggest that too, but it shows that the water level is still creeping upwards little by little. Fort Langley has being spared yet again from the wrath of the mighty Fraser River. We all know that the high waters can come back just a quickly as they left. There is plenty of snow still covering the mountains, and we all know to well that lots of rain can ignite a flash flood coupled with a heat wave melting all that snow. So, we are not out of the woods yet.

The graph above shows the performance of the Fraser River during the last 3 days, indicating the “cresting” or leveling off of water volume flowing through the location in mission. Although the graph shows the water level still climbing, it is important to note that the rate of climb on this graph is less, meaning that the volume of water is remaining more constant than increasing, allowing the current mass of water to flow without over flowing onto the banks causing flooding. This is where the flood predictions are based upon: 1948 was over the 7 metre mark.

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