Monday: Work, Water & the Wardrobe

You gotta love Mondays, the first day after the nice restful weekend. It seems terrifying that, for those who work in a 9 to 5, inside a 5 day work week, that we need to just jump back in with both feet, like going from zero to ninety in six seconds, and pick up where we left off from Friday. It’s just not fare. Well, I am not one of those people: so there! So I can’t really complain about work, because quite frankly, I like my job. I like the hours. I like the pay. I like the commute. Are you shocked? Well, you should be, because not everyone shares my enthusiasm you know. Yup, there are those who hate it so much that they live for complaining about it. And I know how they feel because I was once like them: I was never happy, and I hated everything about my old job that there was to hate about it–I was a bad-ass. Really.

Now, on a different topic, I took the video cam down to the river just a couple of hours ago and shot some footage of the flood. Today is the day that the river starts to level off and returns to normal. I wanted to shoot the highest point of the water level for this year, and I think I got it? I know that officially last night was the highest point, but I am factoring the high tide too. The shoots of the Albion Ferry are neat because you can see people driving “up” the ramp instead of down it–very unusual to see that happen. The Video is 38MB 24.6MB and is in DVIX4 (DVD mpeg/super compressed) format. Hope you like it.


UPDATE-June 20th: I took the video off-line because I’m trying to upload it to U–Tube. Once done, I’ll re-link back to here.

For Psycho21, Herb_2000, Mark-ass, lopo_girl & NetChick: please click here to download the video directly. ***There are no college shots in this. *wink*

[Oooo. The video seems to be a hit as it has being viewed more than 34 times in the last 24 hours. I would like to hear some feedback on my creative “totally amateur work.” Be nice….]

The wardrobe blues: My $300.00 jacket went missing last night. Sadly I fear it is gone forever. I went to a restaurant with some friends last night, and totally forgot about it on the chair. When I came back today to claim it, no one there remembered seeing it. Drats! [Update on the Jacket: Yes folks, the jacket is back with its rightful owner–me! I got a call back from the Dennys today, they asked me if I could claim it, then pick it up. One of the servers took it and put it in the “back room,” she knew who it belonged to. So everything it good.] *Me Happy Again*

2 Thoughts on “Monday: Work, Water & the Wardrobe

  1. Wouldn’t seem to connect for me… But I bet it’s cool! 😀

  2. I’m not sure what’s going on…. er, um, ya? I put an link to the file so that anyone can download it directly. Sorry about that T–hope you get to see it.


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