Damn Stinking Flu

I have being living with this flu bug now since Friday, and it’s not showing any signs of letting off. I don’t know what kind of flu bug it is, but it is a mean mother ********. It first started in my chest like pneumonia, then moved up to my throat and sinuses, and is now giving me a fever like a hot day in Hell. The bug has caused me stop all of my projects that were planned for this weekend, and because it started on the weekend I’m hoping that I’ll not miss any work, but I am sure by tomorrow, Monday, I will know whether or not I will decide to come in. I’m dealing with post sinuses drip and the odd hacking cough–yum. Arg….. I thought flu season was back in February and March? What is going on here?

Update: Tues. June, 19. Feeling much better. Well, better as in terms of not being bed ridden. The flu lasted four days, and I found that taking certain types of cold and flu medicines, the flu bugs seem to fight harder–so I went the last two days with no medication. Like throwing good money away when you’re in pain and suffering. I hate flu bugs….

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