Bad Bug Gone & Spring Too!

The Bad Flu Bug is definitely in regression after causing me four days of hardcore suffering. My lungs feel good after going through a none-stop brutal coughing and flem spewing attacks. I know it could of have being worse, and in the past, I have had worse, so I am grateful that I could battle the virus that attacked me with ease, but I wish I never had the damn bug in the first place. I finely went to work today, missing two days.

[ADDED] I found a good fact sheet about the pesky Flu Bugs and their cousins the Cold Viruses, and it is a good road map if you find yourself hit by these little bastards.  This artical summed up the details of my Flu Bug expereince this week to a tee, and gives me something to look forward to as I go through last stages of the invasion.

Tomorrow the Summer Solstice is tomorrow. According to Astronomy Magazine: ” [The] Summer Solstice occurs at 2:06pm EDT [11:06 PDT].” So, this is something to celebrate! It looks like the weather is going to be good for some late night sky observing, so I may take the scope out early in the morning before I head out for work and see some real “stars” instead of what is on the Television. So, clouds—you are not welcome.

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