Happy Summer Everyone!

Just as the clock struck 11:00am this morning, the sun started to appear from behind those hideous spring clouds changing everything from a cold grey to a warm yellow mist. The air was cool, but muggy because it had become overcast last night, and some places around town I saw the moist ground from rain. I was doubtful that we may have to deal with more spring like weather before we get the real nice summer stuff. But like magic, as the clock said 11:06am, all the trees, buildings and parked cars lit up with the reflection from the sun: “It is now officially Summer!” the radio blurbed out. Right now, there is cloud, making it partly cloudy, but showing a good deal of blue, so the rest of the afternoon should be very nice as the sun burns more cloud away.

So, happy Summer Solstice everyone! May BBQ season, and trips to the beach be the mainstay of the next four months. Woo Hoo–I am so happy…. *singing “Here Comes the Sun” by the Beatles*


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