Oh No! The BBQ Died!

I just cannot believe it–the BBQ died right before my eyes! Of course it just had to have happened on a Sunday when everything is closed early, and tracking down parts for it is next to impossible. This is a tragedy!

I was getting everything ready for some hamburgers. I prepared the meat with all the yummy seasoning and egg batter with little chunks of onions that I mixed in. I bought the extra large buns, and a new bottle of Katchup and Mustard–heck I even had a box of paper napkins too. The last thing to do was warm up the BBQ. I went outside and turned on the valve to the propane cylinder, that worked. I then stuck my lighter in the lighter hole to the burner because the electric start button doesn’t work anymore, and turned the knob to turn on the gas. Well, I waited for about 30 seconds, and nothing happened. I have had experience with this before, and paid for it with the loss of some hair and eyebrows, so I was extra cautious. I tried again, waiting for 30 or more seconds–still nothing.

I took the grill and ceramic blocks out from inside the oven part. Once I got all the peices out and on the patio deck, I opened the burner part up to find that the whole thing was rusted right through into one big hole. Shocked, dismayed and betrayed by my own BBQ–it has let me down. “OH No” I cried, “This can’t be happening!” Fortunately, my next door neighbour was doing some BBQ-ing too, and heard my cry. He offered to share his for today while I get mine ready for the BBQ clinic tomorrow. The day was saved.

2 Thoughts on “Oh No! The BBQ Died!

  1. poor thomasso

    you can grill burgers on a stove you know! :-p

  2. Not these “Monster” burgers. You need the grill.

    …..its a guy thing.

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