Long Weekend: Much Work

Summer is the good times, when life is easy, and no worries about cold and snow, just those hot lazy days when you can sleep in and relax when you decide to wake up, say after 12:00 noon. This long weekend is not so great weather wise according to the weather forecasts. I may go so far as to say that: “this summer really sucks.” I think we have had only one really good day since June 21? Is this a record, or what?

Anyway, I am dead tired. I am glad that I get the Monday off from work because I really need it. I have a huge mid-term exam on Tuesday, and I really need a stellar grade for this class becauseĀ  my performance has not being as high as I want it to be. My first exam was good, B+, but the last exam was much more difficult costing me a C+. So Tuesday’s exam is the last one until the final, and that exam is only worth 10 percent while the up coming (mid-term) exam is worth twenty five percent. The mid-term exam is one quarter of the whole course wrapped up into one three hour exam–can we say “torture.”

I am off to bed early on this somewhat overcast, sort of rainy, sort of cool evening. Not much of a summer so far, but it does not matter since I am spending it inside with my nose stuck in my notebook. Maybe someone will come and rescue me from this entrapment and take me on a wild party, meeting unbelievable beautiful women, and I win a million dollars, and, and… Shit, my homework is still here, nuts!

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