More Scams: Keep Your ID Close.

I was getting my hair cut this morning, and on my way from the Barber-shop I met up with my buddy from a former company I used to work at, and he was clearly upset as we started talking! He told me that he was now a victim of a Debit-Card Scam, and just as a coincidence the Vancouver Sun also reported a similar story in today’s paper–front page. My friend, who objected to me including any details of his story here on my Blog, told me that he had done some shopping in the down town area of Vancouver about three weeks ago when it all took place. He bought items at five store, and spent more money at a tavern in Gas-Town that day. Everything he did, he used his debit card. On his last Bank Statement he noticed that he was out by about $250.00, three withdraws done from Vancouver about ten days ago. At first he thought that something happened like a automatic deposit was late and needed to be caught up on this statement, or more direct deposits were done in that time which sometimes happens, and he had just enough to cover the costs, but then his girl friend had a closer look at the bank Statement and she noticed that they were all in Vancouver, and they live in Langley City.

She phoned up the Bank (which I’m not allowed to name by their request) and inquired that there seemed to be some discrepancies on her boy friend’s statements, and she wanted to some clarification. The Bank said they would look into it and would call them back. Two days later the Bank phoned back and said that they would need to come in and talk to their “Financial Adviser” about any problems that they may “think” they are having. They had their appointment, and then started laying out the some of the discrepancies on the Bank Statement to him, and they could clear one out of the three-unaccounted-for withdraws because of two withdraws being so close together, but in different cities. The one withdraw they could easily prove because he filled up with gas in Langley City six minutes before another withdraw was made in Vancouver at an ATM. However, the other two withdrawals, for lesser amounts, they could not justify.

As it stands today, they are going to get $125.00 put back into their account, and the rest will still be taken off his balance. The police have taken his statement, and he is on a list so that when police conclude their investigation the money may be returned back to his account–but don’t hold your breath. Although it is a Bank fraud, the money will not be replaced until the Bank is satisfied that the money was taken through illegal means. It is the silence from the Bank and the Police they is so upsetting because they said nothing that would guarantee his money returned to him, or explain the process of what they are doing to recover it. Bottom line: Banks are no safer to keep your money in. This makes me mad!

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