Ooooo, What Pertty Sunset

Oh of course the weather office lied about this weekend’s forecasts. It even says on their website that Environment Canada’s prediction rate is 80 percent of getting the weather forecast right, and the rest of the time it is a best guess. Well, this weekend’s forecast is in the remaining twenty percent of their prediction rate, and not surprisingly, our cool, rainy, overcast holiday took a turn for the better with nice warm sun, shining down for most of the day. Here, check out this photo of the sunset:

June Sunset 2007.

It is amazing how a little sunlight can change one’s mood, make their day go by much better and getting-the-job-done becomes a pleasure rather than a chore. So I guess I need to turn off the “Complaint Switch” and enjoy the unexpected sunshine.

Canada Flag.

Happy Canada Day! [Added] Oh, and here is a little fact-web-site about our national anthem. I thought is was interesting because I did not even know this?

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