Freaks on Wheels

You just gotta love short weeks after an amazing long weekend went by! I thought I would be working my butt off because we appeared to be swamped with paper work and other administration stuff, but it was nicely put back into control by this afternoon. You know how everyone decides that they just need to fit five days into four? Yeah! The new job is going good, but I am still learning the system and the politics, and based on my experience I may never have the politics figured out until my very last day there….

My commute into work was probably the most interesting moment of the whole day. When I travel to work, I drive through Langley City. Believe it or not, going through Langley is the fastest way, faster than going around on the By-Pass HWY #10. While in Langley City this morning, I saw a cyclist riding along the sidewalk. This is typical, a cyclist without a helment, just his bear head as a bumper. But worse yet, riding on the sidewalk. I sat through a red light while the spectacle took place. He cut in front me, between the vehicles, while I was waiting. As he moved over the certre line into the on-coming traffic lane, a poor lady on one of those small tiny motorcycles, somewhere around an 80cc engine, collided right into the bicycle (t-boned him) and the rider landed right by my door on the pavement. The funny part was, all the people who had cell phone, all calling 911. OK, the guy was uninjured, only his pride was wounded. Anyway, the last words I heard from the guy was, “I’m going to sue all of you!” I can only respond by saying this: “Good on you ya buddy–I hope the judge doubles your fine! Idiots should not be allowed to ride bicycles….”

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