Life: Left or Right?

Back on Friday, I had my medical done. It was the standard medical where you are asked a lot of questions, then you are poked and peered into, then told to say, “AUUUUUUGH.” Well, let me back-up here a bit so that this story has some relevance. Last month I had a very bad case of the Flu that left me bed ridden for a four day period. Once I was able to get up, I drove down to the nearest clinic because you can not get a Family Doctor in this Provence, so a clinic doctor is about the best anyone can do with our “sick Medicare System.” The Walk-in Clinic in Walnut Grove was full, about a five hour wait, so I drove to the Glover Road Walk-in Clinic, same thing, huge wait. So it hit me, “why not drive out to Abbotsford, less population, more conservative demographic and probably better run and operated,” I thought to myself. I went to the clinic on the main drag in the down town centre, and low-and-behold, I walked in and only had to sit for twenty minutes.

The Doctor was very good in my books, having seen several others over the course of my life time. This person is well versed in manners and patient etiquette, unlike some doctors who assume everyone they treat are low-class-uneducated-back-woods hicks, this new doctor is very down-to-Earth. The Road of Life accoring to me: Thomasso!The other point that I like about the new guy is that he never gave me a bunch a pills, and then pushed me out the door, like others I have met of his occupation. He actually told me not to take anything except for cough-candies and A.S.A, and “just let the virus run its course,” he said. Well, he wanted to see me again because he felt I was gaining weight, getting a little to heavy around the mid section, packing the pounds, so I agreed to an appointment. He said, in my last visit, Friday, that I have to make a choice because at my age I need to become heath conscious, or I will pay for it once I hit retirement, still a few decades away. So he drew me the “road of life” analogy with his version of “live hard-die young.” His point was well taken. So he gave me a “Health Management Guide,” that is basically a chart that I set myself with and try to follow it, hoping to slowly change my lifestyle, and ultimately having a healthy body that will see few visits to the clinic in the future.

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