It Got Hot, but Not 40c

It was a scorcher today as the sun beat down and the air was muggy. I was lucky to work inside instead of outside today. The road workers looked well done, to use a oven metaphor, as they had to stand out in the heat over top of the cooking asphalt; it was unbearable to watch them let alone sit at the light while the super warm air felt like a smothering blanket. But even inside where I was protected from the Sun’s wrath, the heat was noticeable. We depend on our air conditioners so much that when these heat waves pop up during the summer, power outages and brown outs become the norm as the power grid becomes taxed. Today, when I got home, the power was out, and my A/C was off. I was furious as I was expecting to have a cool rest after the drive home in the heat. My thermometer read 38.6C, not quite over 40C, but close enough. Then I laughed as I re-set my breaker-box to turn on the power, I laughed because I for got to put my candles away–now look at them! Melted Candels from the heat wave

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