Another Round of Classes Fall 07

I have signed up for another semester, ready for some more torture and craziness because I just have a thing for papers, exams and dead-lines. This semester is an action packed, 14 weeks of French, Chem, Crim and more Crim. Crim = Criminology just in case you didn’t get it….

So, what’s new for this up-coming term? Well, it costs more, about 45$ bucks on top of each credit: I think is now $128.00 per??? They switched my home campus on me because they are no longer offering any academic classes in Langley City; all academic classes in my major are either in Surrey, or up at S.F.U. Burnaby. I figure it must have something to do with money. No, wait, they could be doing it to make my life miserable, or the bulk of the student body resides in Surrey: you pick one.

So far the third year classes have being tame; however, there are those rumors of rough professors and high-intensity classes that seem to lay in the category of the “required course,” bottle-necking the un-fit, undesirables and weak out of the program. I haven’t noticed a huge attrition rate from undergraduate to graduate’s , so I’m assuming that most of the students who survived their undergrad will move upwards into third and fourth year.

I am very excited about this upcoming round of classes!

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