Attract Attention: with Coolness

There are the little things in the course of a day that make life worth living: a smile, a laugh, a hug, because we never seem to get enough of those, and these things are always in short supply. I was scribing some lecture notes in class today, unbeknown to my knowledge that the the students at the table behind me were unsuccessfully trying to contain their laughter; they burst out in giggles as they watched my pencil move as I wrote. It was until class adjourned for 15 minutes that one of them finely asked me where I got my pencil from. I told them that it was a gift from my neighbour, and that I have no idea where they could purchase one.

The Way Cool Pencil I use

I guess a pencil of this sort is a bit over the top, but I like it, and it does the job. Fortunately, I can take the cap off so it does not distract anyone else. But then I got thinking, this pencil sure seems to draw the attention of most of the girls in the class…, probably the guys too, though it may be too not-macho for most of them? What to you think–the pencil is cool?

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