A Polling Screw-up

I was doing some up-grading on the Blog and accidentally erased my tables for all the polls that you see in the sidebar to the right. So I have entered a new one: requiring only a binary answer. Sadly, all the data from the last 10 polls have being deleted.

The top answer from the last poll was “beer,” in which 6 out of the 23 respondents answered as their most favorite beverage for a hot sumer day. A Close second, and only because it had two categories, water with 3 for “just water,” and 4 for “pure-cold water.” My personal favorite came in at number at 5, with 2 votes, which was Root Beer. I should point out that I never voted which could of bumped Root Beer to the number 4 position. But it is nice to know that there are at least a couple of fellow Root Beer drinkers out there: Yea!

But I did finish the upgrade: Democracy 2.0.1. So now I have more options when it comes to polling and creating statistics for myself–all in the name of research….


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