Why I Can’t Study

I think I have come up with every excuse “in the book” as to why I will not sit down with my textbooks and read them for the tenth-time? It boils down to exhaustion and fatigue, not from having too much work, but from loosing interest in the study material. How many times can I go over the same pages, again, and again and again? Tomorrow I have an exam, a small one in terms of its overall worth for the course; but nonetheless, it is an exam in a course that means every percentage counts to the overall GPA (Grade Point Average). I feel like I am dragging a piano behind my ass, as I struggle with task of sitting down with the book and opening it. Knowing that I have an exam tomorrow, the question of why I can’t sit down and read the material one more time is beyond me–or is it?

Perhaps I don’t need to read the textbook one more time? Perhaps the reasoning of reading it again is just plain useless, as reading anything the night before an exam has being proven not to be beneficial for achieving a satisfactory mark? There, I just talked myself out of studying for the night! Cool.

I proved today that I can walk faster to the Market Store than someone driving, using their vehicle. I beat my neighbour by 4:26 min, leaving at exactly the same time, from the same spot. Yes, the timing was perfect because just as I got to the main road, (Glover Road, in Fort Langley) the traffic from the Albion Ferry was moving through. I have no idea what that proves?

2 Thoughts on “Why I Can’t Study

  1. That used to happen to me when I’ve had enough with studying and ready for the exam. Good luck on your exam.

  2. Thanks for popping by Tawcan.

    I guess I’m from up the valley from you, and you know Netchick! You must be happy to finely see the sun again after that return from fall last week?

    Anyways, hope to see ya gain.

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