Not Bad for a Monday!

Today went by good, with the sun shining and the work smoothly speeding by with no bumps or problems, heck, even ending with a photographic sunset that is the icing on the cake. Taken with my cheap web cam, this is the view from my bedroom window, facing North. Sweet, eh? All Mondays should be like this–it should be mandatory, made into law.

The Sunset in Question: July 30th, 2007 @ 8:58pm.

We still have the mosquito problem. These little blood-suckers are relentless in their pursuit of a happy meal. I was bitten on my eye-lid yesterday while walking from the car to my front door, about a ten second walk. It did not swell up like a sty, but it sure was annoying as I successfully won the battle of not itching it. Damn insects–I figure we have another month, at least, of the invasion from the swamps.

Yikes–I’m beat tonight. Lots to type about: no energy to spew it out here….

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