The Week Wrap-up

Yes–the weekend is here; it is a long one! Of course this being a provincial holiday, only those whom live British Columbia will have it this coming Monday.

Yesterday I had the “Cable Guy” come out to install, for me, a new modem. This was a result from an email that was sent to me on Wednesday stating that I went way over my allowable bandwidth usage, and that I should “curb” my excessive usage over the network, thus indecating that I am a “Band-Width HOG.”  I was quite surprised to be told that I had reached the 100GB  mark last month.  “Gosh–a 100GBs! Holy-Cow,” I thought to myself, “that’s a lot of bandwidth….” So, I phoned my ISP and told them that I should increase my bandwidth to make sure I never have my service interrupted. For an extra $5.00, my bandwidth increases by 40GB, which in my opinion is a great deal because this includes an increase in Upload and Download speeds! Speed: good. But this now increases the potential to exceed that 100GBs limit.

I finally completed my personal budget/books for the Second Quarter of 2007, and the results were surprising. It appears that my personal rate of inflation reached 6.24 percent, almost 4 percent above the national rate. This means that everything, right across the board, has increased in costs that reflects increases such as rent, fuel, insurance and commodities.  In turn, I raised my personal rate for my services by 8 percent. Soon, it appears that I may ask for a raise with my current employer to offset the increase cost of living. Hum, what comes around, goes around–I guess?

So, a long weekend. I sure need it. Today I will be working on a friend’s website, one that will not be ready for up load for a couple of weeks, but has taken me and two other friends a week to create, and we should have that done soon. I like these “team” effort projects becuase I learn so much. I had no idea how powerful PHP script is, but it sure beats an HTML website. Just think–more cool ideas for my humble web site…. *he he he*

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