Road Construction: Sewer, Sidewalks & Signs

The town is a-buzz with backhoes, steamrollers and dump trucks as our main street gets fixed up. Sure it’s a inconvenience, but we need it, and summer is the best time for all of this to happen. Sure, I hear people bitch’n and crying about the traffic detours and having to slow down, but hey–it is all for the good–and it needs to be done. The road work has being going on for the last couple of days, and appears to wrapping by the end of this week, so we are close to having our sidewalks back. Hey, a little fresh cement will brighten up the place….

It looks like everyone is gearing up for the Labour Day holiday coming up in September. I have being invited to two BBQs, and given a chance to go camping out towards Chillawack. I haven’t decided what I’m going to do yet. One part of me wants to go camping, but another part says stay home because that Tuesday, the fall semester starts at the University, and I want to be in good shape for when that starts up. Oh, decisions, decisions.

OMG: The dumpy looking house across the street from me is supposedly selling for $350, 000.00! I remember when that house was only worth $90,000.00 not that long ago. …and people are looking at it!

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